Provincetown Choir

Led by Mrs. Abt, Provincetown's children will sing holiday songs from around the world, honoring many faiths and cultures.  


Santa Clause

Not a performance per se, but Santa Clause has been known to make appearances at the holiday market every year. 


The Beat Greens

the Beat Greens offer a home-made mix of original, traditional, popular and topical songs in 5 languages, rooted in folk, rhythm-and-blues and country classics. 

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Sandy Clause

Comedian Kristen Becker introduces Sandy Clause, Santa's long lost older, drunker, gayer sister. 
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Ptown Murder Mystery

Elsinore County and Lucky Devil Theater Company present a reading of a "Provincetown Murder Mystery," a new play by Anthony Gelsomino.



In many European countries, Krampus shows up in towns the night before St. Nicholas Day. The half-goat, half-demon will make an evening appearance in Provincetown as well this year.